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Coax cable outlet

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I recently moved to a new place and Im having fido home internet connection. In the house there are 4 coax cable outlets. But Im getting connection only under 1 outlet. Remaining are not working. I tried connecting the modem but not getting any connection. I would like to get connection on other outlets as well. What should be done? Should I call fido technician?



Hello @Lishi,


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It sounds like just one outlet is connected to the main cable coming into the house, you should check where the cable comes into the house usually in the basement near the breaker panel, and see which cable is connected if you want to connect more cables then you will need to get a splitter to connect them.


If you do not have any other services using the coax cables then I would suggest you connect just the cable you will be using with the modem directly to the main cable coming into the house because sometimes a splitter can interfere with the signal and cause connection problems.