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A very rude manager of fido store.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi I want to complain about a very rude manager at fido store at 2400 Eglinton Avenue West. Toronto Ontario.  Today at arount 5:40 pm March 31, 2021 I went to this store to return an internet modem.  I spoke yesterday over phone to fido  with confirmation ID# and I told him that I will return modem to store and he said yes.  So today a manager at this store she told me they cannot accept the modem because it says to be ship.  So I said let me call them back.  She right away sent me outside she said not allowed inside.  So I call outside and waited it says 14 minutes to wait but already 45 minutes so I ask her while my phone is still on hold waiting if I can come inside bacause it is so cold and Im old already but she wont let me in she said I have to stay outside and she said if I want I can go home.  She can see I dont have a thick jacket and she wont let me in.  I said I understand only 3 customer allowed inside but right that time there was nobody and she is just with her cellphone.  I beg her if I can wait inside until the phone im talking is over but she wont let me in.  I feel so bad because all our cellphone is with fido. 2 internet with fido, home phone with fido just to be treated like a dog who is supposed to stay outside.  I took a picture of the store inside showing that there was nobody inside incase you want proof.  The guy also a staff tried to help me he talk with over the phone using my phone because I dont understand but he cannot let me in because the manager told him not to let me in. At the end he teach me how to send back or to ship and gave me a box.  My question is in a situation like this I am also a customer and since no one is inside or I am already inside is it right to send me outside?  And if no one inside can a Fido not allow a customer to wait inside beacuse I am calling a fido?  Can a fido staff not be nice talk soft and explain what a customer should do specially me who never had experience returning a package but instead be rude and tell me it doesnt matter I dont care but you have to be outside no even PLEASE word you will here from her.  She said to me I am the manager here and I am 12 years manager here now.  But I always go there and the manager before is a guy who is I think moved beside to Rogers and he is very nice manager.  We are happy with our phones and internet but only that manager she is really rude.  



Hey @lorie2! That doesn't sound like a fun experience at all. We'll reply to your private message shortly and we'll continue there with you!