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A story of a Ghost Fido Internet

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Previously I posted about a Fido home internet opened itself. Now I'd like to talk about the whole story.


Last week I was at work, I got a call from Fido saying they sent a internet modem to me by mistake and asked to refuse receiving it. I didn't realize what's exactly going on. At that moment I just know I can't refuse that because I'm not wfh, and the package is most like not requiring a signature. Thurns out, I was right about signature part. 


The Home Internet was opened in a different address from my place, where there’s nobody I know lives in. The modem went to that address. I was 20is km from my place, I decided to make a drive. Had a brief conversation with the dude living there. It's decent man. He says he received 2 modems in the same day, one is on his name one is on my name. I didn't confirm if he opened a Fido Home internet recently. (My mistake) I admit, it's kind bad move. It can be dangerous to knock on a stranger's door. Also I didn't get enough info from the conversation. At the end I grabbed the modem under my name. Now it caused some trouble, I'll talk about it later.


Then I called Fido and let them know I have the modem. A few days later, I finally got called by a woman from Fraud department who pissed me off. She just saying I shouldn't go to that address and asked me to return the modem to a store. Although she did speak in a nice and polite way, I was not mad at this point. What I want from fraud investigation is to confirm if it’s a Fido’s mistake or my identity is stolen. If it’s Fido’s mistake, how did it happen? What will you do to prevent it from happening in the future? Before I could as any of these questions, that Fraud lady hanged up on me. Didn’t even give me any instruction about what to do at my situation except retuning the modem in a wrong way.


I called back to Fido and I was told I had to request another Fraud investigation, then I did that. Finally, I got a right instruction about modem returning. Assuming it’s right, not 100% sure yet. I was told to mail the modem back but not dropping to a store. The Fraud Lady told me to drop off in a ROGERS store, not event a Fido store! As for now the modem is back to where it was from according to Canada Post tracking information. The “mystery” Home internet account is still with me.


Fido used to have good customer service but it seems like getting downhill lately.


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey @SamGW,


Thanks for sharing your feedback! We know the situation is definitely unpleasant and I assure you that our customers' privacy and security are one of our main concerns and we're doing everything to help!


If you have remaining concerns in regards to the internet account and the investigation, please contact our fraud department at the number that they had provided you with and they'll be able to assist you with all your questions. 


I hope this will be entirely resolved very soon!