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Totally Thrilled with Tech Support

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was having major issuse with my iPhone running extremely slow, not connecting to my Google Calendar, apps telling me I had no network connection and taking forever loading websites and such.  I called Tech Support and was lucky enough to spend about an hour on the phone with the extremely through tech Denise from St. Andrews, New Brunswick.   She was awesome.  She guided me through hoops trying to fix my problem.  Resetting my Network, changing my cellular data, updating my IOS version .... and the list goes on.  Unfortunately we were not able to fix my problem while I had her on the phone.  BUT she suggested that after I hang up from her, I turn my phone off, remove my SIM card and try it in another phone.  I did what she suggested.  And Hot Tamalies - it worked!  She was extremely pleasant and funny while we waited for updates to chug through which seemed to take forever.  Hats off to Denise from St Andres, N.B..  Wish I could buy her a beverage while watching her turkeys in her back yard!    Lou from Pelham, Ont.