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To my dear phone company

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am a very active social media guy. Always…………………. Always faithful with Fido. but this time I'm wondering what I have to do to participate and maybe win a new device because I lost my LG 4. And I broke the screen of my new LG K4. I do not have money to fix it no even for a new one.


My observation is that Fido have to start to generate an interactionwith determinated  costumers, using all the technology tools that Fido is offering me.


If I had the opportunity to win a phone, I would become a very active customer, projecting all the benefits of my phone company, in many asocial media, the quotidian life of Fido s youngs custumers like me,  feeling that I work for the company that gives me the services to make my daily life.


 All this  as a great show of appreciation.  This is the answer from my social responsibility for the company that believes in me.


 Please  Fido   help me  to become a productive  person for you company,  just giving me the tool to  grow together, thats allows a personal and professional growth, using the marketing strategies of Fido company, in order to contribute In its market positioning.


What I would like to express  is that FIDO must  believe and develop the potentials of determinated  users, looking for a benefit and positioning in the market.