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Thieves, rude, and unprofessionals

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have upgraded two of my 4 phones that are with Fido last December. I was promised to get the one time process fee refunded in a month or two, and it will show in my bill.


today I called the customer service. The person who answered my call was wondering why I have waited for one year. It is simply because I don't have time.
He advised me that I have to talk to Best Buy not them.

I am on my way to Best Buy to switch to another provider.and will never deal with Fido again after talking to fidos rude customer service representative 


Fido. You guys are thieves and assuming that customers will forget about their money?


please do not hire rude customer service people that will make your clients simply leave to another providers instead of solving their concerns or being simply polite.


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Senior MVP

Hello AliSaleh,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you were not able to avail of the promotion to waive the set-up fee. However, as mentioned, that is a promotional offer. The person setting up your line would have had to enter the proper promotion code in order to have the fee waived. Without that promotional code, the set-up fee would be regularly processed. As mentioned by customer service, since you made the purchase from Best-Buy, you would have needed to contact them as they were the ones who needed to enter the promotion code. There is no way for Fido to know what offers were afforded to you without those codes.


  You are blaming Fido for an omission made by Best Buy staff. I understand you are intending on returning to Best Buy to switch providers. You might consider ensuring they properly apply any promotional offers for your new provider. That new provider won't likely be able to apply any offers without their corresponding promotion codes.


Hope this helps 😀