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Beware of fraud - iphone pro offer @ $60 including plan

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I got a call from so called "rogers/fido sales rep"

and offered iphone Pro 15 and including plan for only $60/month without any upfront fees. Also the catch was it is your phone after two years and pay $30/m after words. Too good to be true.


The guy I spoke to was talking too fast and I was not able to keep up with him 100% and did not feel comfortable that the call numer was starting with 647. He said dont worry you will get fido confirmation email at the end with details.


Before taking this offer, he said he needed to Verify my identity and sent me verification code via email that I have provided.


After, he said since the offer is from Rogers and to make some changes on the account, he said the password would automatically reset but not to worry as it is normal.


once order was placed he asked me if the phone should be delivered to home address or Rogers and I wanted to be delivered home. He was pushing to pick up from Rogers but I insisted to be delivered to home and he has confirmed the address.


I had mixed feelings - sounded too good but the phone is delivering to my residential address or Rogers... if it is scam why would they deliver to one of those locations? (I confirmed the delivery address was my residencial address)

but out of all, most suspicious part was that I was supposed to give a call to his supervisor "Mr. Brian" once the phone is received. 

I never heard of calling "supervisor" to activate instead of calling rogers/fido directly. And Mr. brian? Really?

he gave me a phone number: 807-808-7317 to call Mr. Brian so he can approve that special disccount on the accout so I only pay $60/m.


after hanging up the phone, all these didnt sink in naturally.

Right away, I dialed 611 for customer support to ask if the transaction was legit or not.

the lady I spoke to, she said it is legit. It must been a third party sales rep and I can see the order has been placed to your address.


I thought my gut feelings were wrong and relieved until I got a call today from Fido fraud department.


it was scam and apparently it was not identity verification that they sent, it was password rest verification 🥲🥲🥲


as the scammer placed an order from my fido online account, that is why it looked legit i guess? Fraud dept person told me the password has been reseted. I ended up reseting my password again and he assured me the credit card info is secure as it does not reveal al the card numbers.


thank god I called fido right after talking to scammers (i got two separate calls from them: first from rogers and since I was with fido, fido rep scammer called me next day 🤪 )


Fraud dept cancelled the iphone order for me.


not sure how they were going to scam me after I receive the phone but I am glad it was noticed by fraud department.


watch out of these scammers everyone!



Hey @dbrlddlek,


Welcome to the community! 


We're truly sorry to hear about this scam incident, but we're glad it was caught on time and has been resolved quickly!