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Bad customer service chat representative

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had the pleasure of talking to one of your chat representative Simranjit this evening. I would like to tell you that I have never came accross such an incompetent, rude and abnoxious representative ever in Canada.


I was charged roaming charges 12$ a day for 2 days trip to US in november. I tried explaining him i am not aware that roaming is that much, (since my contract romaning is listed as pay per use). And I do not see Fido roam part of my contract. I asked him to show me where it is listed and he sent me the current website link. I can do the same thing I can see the latest plan and aks you to give me that just because it is on the website. 


I told him this is too much, I called only twice in my 2 day trip. Each call less than a min. I am not even aware that what's included in 12$. He essentially told me that it is my fault i should have checked webiste before going and Fido can charge me whatever it wants and can. 


I asked to speak to his supervisor atleast 4 times since he was clearly not in mood to listen to anything. He told me that my issue ws not imoportant enough for his supervisor. 


I dont usually write compaints but this guy deserves one. I hope that you take action against him. I have chat transcript if you want to verify my comments. 





PS my issue was later resolved by a very helpful callcenter repersentative. 



Hey there @talwarmeister and welcome to the Community!


Sorry to read about your experience and we understand receiving a higher bill is never pleasant.


Fido Roam is the default roaming service that comes with your plan. If you head to our Fido Roam page here, scroll down to the FAQs and you will be able to read the following:


'' If I have Fido Roam, can I use the U.S. or International Roaming Pay-Per-Use rates instead?


- If you have Fido Roam, you cannot use the standard Roaming Pay-Per-Use rates in destinations that are covered by Fido Roam. You can only use the standard Roaming Pay-Per-Use rates when visiting destinations not covered by Fido Roam or if you have opted out of Fido Roam beforehand by contacting us ''


So unless this was done prior to your trip, the default roaming service you have is the daily one and not the pay-per-use one.


If you still require assistance and need more info, you can send us a private message over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We'll be happy to review your preivous interaction and send a feedback if needed.