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Another customer lost

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I will be canceling my fido account in the coming weeks (e.g. as soon as I have secured a plan with koodoo) after multiple atrocious experiences with your so-called customer service. I have been a customer for over 10 years, and your service has steadily declined since then, but today was a new epitome of horrible service.
I began my search for a new phone in November, but kept getting prompted to upgrade to a 'better' plan (which I don't have use for) or pay crazy amounts for a phone. I then received an offer to get a free Google Pixel 7 on my account during Black Friday, and I happily ordered the phone on November 20th with the delivery to a nearby Rogers store. It went downhill from there.
- I received an order confirmation, and then nothing for a whole month.
- I did not receive any emails or updates regarding the order.
- I called the store directly to see if they have my phone, at least 3 times.
- I called the customer service line twice to enquire about the status of my phone, the second time I was told that the store hadn't confirmed the order.
- I chatted with an agent yesterday who offered to cancel my order, and forego the deal I was offered, because there was nothing else that could be done. They couldn't change the store or change my delivery method to ship-to-home. If the store doesn;t respond, it's basically in limbo.
- I called the store again, and they told me the only phone they had for me was an open box.
- I finally went to the store in person, thinking that I would rather have an 'open box' phone than no phone.

- When I showed up, the Rogers employee told me that I actually couldn't receive the open box phone as my order was for a new phone. So my trip there was useless. He recommended to cancel the order.
- So I drove to a fido store, to see if they might be of better help. At this store, I had one of the worst customer service experiences of my entire life. I was barely greeted, made to feel unwelcome, not treated with respect, and I did not receive the service I deserved as a fido customer of a decade. After I told the person working that I was considering switching providers because of the phone upgrade nightmare I was going through, they told me that 'all the providers are the same'. He would have given me a Google pixel 7, but not without upgrading my plan AND charging me a $60 setup fee. Neither was part of the deal I had been offered in November.
- I then went back home and started a chat with another agent. After 45 minutes of back and forth, I was offered a $20 credit and another plan upgrade that I don't have use for (who seriously needs 60GB??). The agent pleaded with me to 'just wait another 2-3 weeks' when I told him I was considering leaving. But I don't have time to wait for a phone for 2 months.
- After asking him to do so numerous time, he finally cancelled my device order, and I am now free to seek a better company.

Thanks for nothing, and congratulations to fido for losing a loyal customer of 10 years today. After countless calls, 2 visits to stores and a combined 1.5 hours on a 'customer service' chats, I am done with this company and will not be coming back.

The device offer was simply false advertising. Any 'retention' offers received were actually an upsell. Your organization and service is atrocious. I will be reporting this experience to the CCTS.



Hey @Jules2809,


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I'm truly sorry to learn about this incident. This is not the kind of experience we aim to offer. 🙁

We'd love to take a second look into this and ensure we can make things right! 


Please contact us here so we can properly escalate this matter.