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Hey Community!


Ever have questions about getting the most out of your mobile but aren’t sure who to reach out to?


Is your battery draining faster than usual? Are you experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues? Worry no more fellow technology users; DeviceAdvice is here to save the day!


DeviceAdvice is a sweet new tool that lets you troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix technical problems with your device directly through the My Account app. It contains alerts and tips specific to your device, and an easy to use search tool that not only provides instructions, but also actionable answers.


What are actionable answers you ask? It’s pretty awesome:  If you search “How do I turn on Bluetooth?” for example, the app will not only provide instructions specific to your device, but also give you the option to turn on Bluetooth directly via the app. Is that cool or what?


Having trouble finding the information you’re looking for? Select -More Options- to access:


  • The Fido Community
  • The support page on,
  • Your device’s manufacturer website
  • Your phone’s user manual.

“How do I get this tool?” It’s imbedded in the Fido MyAccount app Wink


Check out some screen shots


So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! And feel free to spread the word: DeviceAdvice is here, and it’s awesome!