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iPhone/iOS - Battery Saving Techniques

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

I previously posted an article on how to properly charge your smartphone's Lithium-Ion battery. You can read it here:


This article is about the software side of iOS and battery saving techniques to get the most out of iPhone or iPad. Sorry Android users.


  • Connect to WIFI whenever possible as cellular data usage drains your battery, especially LTE. However, if you are not connected to a known WIFI network, turn off WIFI all together as your phone will be constantly searching, trying to connect to a WIFI network further draining your battery.
  • Essentially turn off all unnecessary services/features, including...
    • Bluetooth OFF
    • Notifications - turn off all unnecessary notifications. I recommend keeping only the key apps on like Phone, Messages, Mail, or any app you absolutely need notifications from
    • Brightness - enable Auto-Brightness feature or manually lower your brightness to save battery (auto-brightness in iOS 11 is located under Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accomodations)
    • Auto-Lock sooner (30 seconds or 1 minute)
    • Handoff OFF
    • Background App Refresh OFF
    • Use a still wallpaper, no dynamic (moving) wallpapers
    • If you don't use Siri, turn it off - at least turn off Hey Siri feature so the phone isn't constantly listen for you to say the phrase
    • Location Services - Set apps to "While Using" to avoid any unnecessary background usage or turn off Location Services all together
    • Mail - turn everything to Manual under Accounts & Passwords, see Fetch New Data select Manual. If you need Mail notifications, set to Fetch instead of Push to save on battery
  • Manually update apps - Under iTunes & App Store in Settings, set automatic downloads to OFF
  • Turn off iOS animations (motion effects) - Under Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion ON
  • Avoid vibration for notifications as it uses more battery than an alert from your phone's speaker
  • Check the Battery tab in Settings to discover which apps are drawing the most battery (not available on iPad yet)
  • Take advantage of iOS's Low Power Mode - Settings app > Battery > Low Power Mode. You can also conveniently add Low Power Mode to your Control Centre allowing you to easily swipe up on your iPhone to enable it


Thank you for reading my Tips & Tricks for saving battery techniques on your iOS device. Please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed my article Smiley