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What to do if your device is stolen

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hey, I have been with Fido for a tear when my device was stolen from another carriers lockdd charging station, so I immediately called Fido, and Jackie helped me. She put a block on my SIM card, in case whoever stole it tried to remove it before selling, and also she marked my device as stolen and put a block on that too. I had an Apple, so if tou do, put a Passcode on it. It literally saves your life if someone wants in to your phone. After so many tries it automatically factory resets.

So, if your phone is stolen, phone Fido! Put a block on your phone, and SIM! And Jackie was extremely helpful, and should get a thumbs up from the company Wink

I heard there was some sort of contest for posting a tip, I dont know if this is where to post it or npt, and even if it wasnt for the contest, I would still post this. Because I wasnt sure what to do, and maybe others arent sure either Smiley

Have a great day, and I will stick with fido for a very long time Smiley



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