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Reply to text messages (SMS) from your Computer

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I wasn't sure whether or not to post this in apps or into Tips and Tricks because I think it sort of relates to both...

1.) Install Pushbullet on your Android Phone, as well as on your Desktop and Google Chrome. 
2.) Log in with either your Google or Facebook account.
3.) On your phone, tap the menu button and then tap 'SMS'. Make sure 'Sync SMS with my computer' is turned ON. (You can choose to have this happen only one Wi-Fi if you wish)
4.) On the Pushbullet application installed on your desktop, you can open it on the bottom right where your Wi-Fi, battery life (if you're on a laptop) and volume is located (I forget the name of this particular tray at the moment). Go to settings, and make sure 'Show Notifications' is selected.

This app is useful for so many other things as well. You can forward news articles you're reading from your phone to PC, it forwards notifications for apps you have open on your phone to your PC. I pretty much never touch my phone at home, and I have the luxury of typing much faster on an actual keyboard as well. Enjoy.




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