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Apple IOS update without WiFi solution

I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1

This isn't a trick for everyone maybe, but it is what happens with out of the box thinking like mine.


My wife wanted to do the IOS update on an Apple iPhone 6S and it won't let her do that over mobile data. At least she can't figure it out, and I don't bother trying with Apple. Apple thinks it is too big for a mobile data update, and Big Brother knows best. She already used an hour of shake-a-bytes to update her other 6S, iPad and macBook with the Wifi hotspot.


Easy peasy, I should be able to use my the mobile WiFi hotspot and FIDO shake-a-bytes and hook her up with share data from my Android device on the FIDO network. But due to some unique technical difficulties I can't right now. Long story. see one of the other forums.


So I take her other iPhone 6S which has another network provider SIM card (don't ask, that is another long story) and I remove the other provider SIM and put in the FIDO SIM. then I power up that device, load the FIDO My Account, do the registration and so forth. Then turn on mobile hotspot. So now her OTHER phone is the FIDO phone with the shake-a-bytes.


And then I do the IOS update over WiFi on the phone that doesn't have a SIM.


Then I power everything down and swap the SIMs back. She can tell by the colour which is which. Don't mess with it. Secret to a happy marriage, don't mess with her stuff.


BTW, this only works if both phones are unlocked. And really works if you don't tell her what you did. Some secrets are meant to be secrets.


Her shake-a-bytes where used to update her device. Nothing wrong with that. Just have to be creative.








Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @thePoodleFarmer, Thank you for sharing your secrets for updating Apple Devices using the Data Bytes feature.


Have a great day !