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Android: Backup your Contacts to SIM card

I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1

I was replying to a post on the Phones board about someone wanting to recover Contacts from a dead phone.


Having almost had that happen to me, I found that with an Android phone you can save ALL your contacts to the SIM card.


Open Contacts - the 3 square menu thingie 🀫 🀫 🀫 - Export Contacts - Export To SIM Card


Then if you get a new device you can put in the SIM, and Import your contacts through a similar process.


The one negative is that the backup is manual, though you can choose the option to save a New Contact to your SIM. 

The positive is that you have an excuse to go through your contacts and say ' why do I still have HIM on here'


You can also save to a SD card if you have one in your phone. And you can save your pictures there too. For those pictures you don't want to trust to the Cloud. 🤐


Not sure how it works with Apple. That's her phone, I stay away from it.