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20 Tips And Tricks to help battery life

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

1-Charge your phone on airplane mode it charges much faster
2-Do not charge your phone overnight it just loses some power trough the day
3-Avoid exposing the battery to metal,thiscan short the circuit the battery impairing its performance
4-Avoid exposing the phone to direct sunlight or heat it can damage the battery performance permanently
5-Close application when not needed
6-Remove widgets, widgets consume battery power
7-To consume energy remove the WIFI OR 3G ( any source of internet)when your not using it
7-Dont use a live themes wallpaper it take battery power
8-Lock your phone immediately after use it consummes alot of battery (dont wait it for to automatically close)
9-Making calls uses a large amount of battery keep the calls SHORT
10- Uninstall uncesessary applications
11-Using a bright wallpaper can consume more battery than light colors!Try using a dark color for a background
12-Lower your music volume,listening to loud music will consume mire energy than quieter music
13-Dim the brightness
14-Keep the screen timeout short
15-Turn off bluetooth it will add mor battery life
16-Ask your phone what is using the largest percentages of power
17-Go easy on the location services and GPS
18-Dont use vibrate it take more battery life than using a ringtone
19-Minimize notifications on apps
20-Maintain your phone in a cool temperature



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