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when the LG G6 will be at fido ?

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

so when do you all think it will be at Fido ? (LG G6)



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I'm helpful level 3
I'm helpful level 3

i went to a Fido kiosque yesterday to ask...
(also wanted to find out what phone would could be traded in for 400$)

*guy finally looks up and takes off his headphones*

-Hi, do you guys have the LG G6 in stock yet?
-.. G6...? ... Hm hmmm NO
-Do you know when it will be available? 
-You go on the site and pre-order, maybe 1 week, maybe 2 months, dont know.

*puts back his headphones*



Hey @ravedave2


Thanks for reaching out! That's definitely not the experience we want you to have in one of our stores Sad



It is available in stores but again keep in mind that it's a new phone so the stock is limited. We are not able to give you an exact date when it comes to  the device as it greatly depends on the stock available, it's always very tricky when it comes to a new device which is why we recommend to reserve it through the Fido Reservation System. You'll get updates on the status of your reservation,once in stock, you'll be notified to go pick it up! More info on the reservation system here




I definitely understand if your experience was not the best and I sincerely apologize for that. If you have any other questions let us know Smiley .


Great news: LG G6 is now available for Reservation. Simply visit to proceed!


Cheers Smiley


@sfilli11 if and when Fido will carry the G6 they will announce it on the website that's the only way we will know, you will have to keep checking the site for updates. They had the other G series phones so hopefully they will get the G6.


Edit: According to mobilesyrup (here) Fido will be getting it but price and availability is not available as yet but things could always change.