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waiting for my iPhone 13 since Dec 29th

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've ordered a new iphone13 online when the website said it's in stock. I was supposed to get the tracking information within the next 2 business days and I received nothing.


I understand there has been Covid and transportation issue so I've waited 2 weeks until I had reached out to the Chat Specialist. The specialist said the phone is in stock in the warehouse and the status says my order is ready to release, so told me to keep checking my email.

For the next week, I received nothing. So I've tried to contact the Chat Specialist again and the first one told me my order isn't on the backorder list but still hasn't shipped yet. She told me to wait while she reaches out to her support team and  ended the chat after 10 minutes without saying anything. I have proof as I saved my chat conversation. Right after, I tried to talk to another specialist and it took him 5 minutes to say hello, 10 minutes to ask for my name, another 10 minutes to tell me he's going to look at my account and kept me waiting for another 30 minutes and suddently ended the chat. I was upset at this point and this time I called 611 to speak to the customer support. This person again told me the phone is in stock and told me that the warehouse will pack and ship it right away and that I will receive my order within a week. LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!

I waited a week and still no tracking information received on my email. Today I've reached out to support at 611 and this person tells me my order was in backorder with ETA of 3-4 weeks....?????? 3 people in the past told me the phone is in stock at the warehouse ready to be shipped. This time the support person sounded very professional, informative, and experienced and told me I should be receiving my tracking information along other information sometime next week. Hopefully this time will be the last time I'll have to reach out to the support.




Hi there @jsmoh90


Really sorry to hear about all this. We certainly hope you get your device soon. 


Keep us posted!