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unable to iPhone 13 through phone support

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Disgusting experience in getting a promised offer for iPhone 13, please help.


I was promised a certain offer over fido phone support. All the details will be in today's call records.

Firstly it was were difficult to get a hold of phone representative then I get disconnected after a long wait time. 

During second call , (after long wait time) the iphone offer was explained, I liked it and when I was about to go with the promotion over call. The representative sold me that if go to store they will give an extra $5 off and I bought it. I completely trusted them and took a bus in snow to the store. They asked me get on a call again for the offer.

The last time, I connect to them stay on the queue, till I get back home and after 40 minutes they connect to me and divert to the supervisor. I waited in the wrong queue and lost hope now.

Now the time is up and can no longer connect to them. From the agents I understand that the offers are sporadic and they expire hourly during the call. 

Clearly, the support team is playing "transfer the calls" with the customers. They are not only transferring calls but they are totally sending to stores without actually checking if the store reallys has the offer.

Awaiting quick response and a possible resolution.



Hey there! This is definitely not the kind of experience that we wish to offer you. We will be sending you a private message so that we can have a closer look at your situation.