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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been trying to change my SIM card.  When I go to the place to enter the new card number, the text box is dead.  I cannot delete the old number or type in a new number.

This is the second day I have tried. Customer support tells me it's the only way. 

What do I do now?



Hello @At17,


That's odd the only number that should be there is 89302 because all Fido's SIM cards start with that number.



Can you try a different browser? Also, you can find the full instructions on how to update the SIM card here.


If you do not have the old SIM card customer service would be able to do it for you, either way, they can do it so I'm not sure why they would tell you doing it online is the only way. Unless they were trying to say that's the only way of doing it without you being charged the $10 account handling fee for doing a transaction that can be done through self-serv.