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please help me understand mobile internet, thank you

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I'm confused on the type of speed that Fido offers


does using Edge/GSM, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE depends on the type of plan I have or the type of sim card I have?


I see on Fido's website that the max combo is $55 per month but it says LTE ready...does that mean if I get the $40 per month plan I won't get LTE speed? Or is all I have to do is just to get a LTE sim card?


I am currently using Edge mobile internet (I think) for my phone and it's super slow...I have the regular sim card and the mobile plan a long time ago

Does it mean that if I buy a LTE sim card with a new smart phone I will get LTE internet?


Thanks in advance



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I'm experienced level 3
I'm experienced level 3
Thee only plan that is not LTE provisioned is the old grandfathered $50 unlimited data. All other plans are LTE ready.

There is criteria that must be met to get LTE. You must have tge following:

1) a compatible data plan
2) a device that is LTE capable and using the LTE band frequencies that Fido/Rogers uses
3) in an area that has LTE coverage

If you are missing one of the criteria, you will not have LTE.

Though you cam still connect to their other networks.

Don't forget the LTE SIM card,