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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hey i paid for a data plan on my blackberry tour 9830 now i can't surf ,use my black berry messenger or any other app. when i try the browser it says there is no configuration settings from my service provider when trying facebook it says im currently not on a service plan that can use this app ........i just switched carriers and i'm not pleased knowing im paying for something that i can't use please helppp it's urgent my job requires internet access on the go



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Hi there Archie,


I suggest you verify the data option you added to ensure it is compatible with Blackberry devices. Blackberry requires a specific authentication before allowing you to access the web via their devices, and only certain data options provide that authentication. 


For more in-depth assistance I suggest you contact our Solution Center at 1888 481-3436. I invite you to use a different phone to call in, should trouble shooting be required.