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my friends with androids aren't receiving my iphone texts.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have always been an iphone owner.  In March I switched form Rogers to Fido.  2 weeks ago my friends stopped that are not iphone users stopped receivng my texts.  I receive theirs no trouble.  I am very basic in my tech knowledge.  The text appears sent and is green.  my iphone friends receive my texts which are blue or green.  help!



Hello @carmen1972,


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Are you still using the same iPhone when you switched to Fido? It could be the account was not provisioned correctly on Fido's end. I would suggest you reach out to customer service and let them know you are using an iPhone and ask them to provision your account for the iPhone.


Usually when Android users are not receiving messages from an iPhone user its because they were iPhone users and did not deactivate iMessage when they stopped using the iPhone.