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iPhone unlock with other phone

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I bought an iPhone 4 about a year ago and it shows in "My Account ". However since then I have sold this one and bought a 32gb iPhone 4 (also locked to Fido) because 16gb was not enough storage.


My question is: At the end of my contract (or if I cancel the contract and pay the cancellation fees), will Fido be able to unlock this phone for $50.00 or since this is not the phone that was initially purchased at the time of agreement they will not unlock it?


Do I need to phone in and let Fido know that the phone that is linked to my account is not the one I am using and to give them the IMEI of the phone that I am using. Or is this it and there is nothing they can do and this phone will never be unlocked for $50?





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Fido Employee
Fido Employee

Hey guys!


I know it has been a while, I just wanted to bring a little update since I came across this thread Smiley


Currently the only 2 conditions to unlock a phone not purchased directly through Fido are: imei not on the blacklist and should show in the account for at least 90 days. I would contact Fido on Twitter or Facebook to have the new imei registered in the account just to make sure they have access to information and in 90 days Fido can unlock it for 50$ fee.


Hope it helps!



I'm an expert level 2
I'm an expert level 2
The eligibilty for unlocking of your current phone has no relationship to your account or contract. Adding it to your account won't help. It becomes eligible once the contract it was attached to is complete. So, whenever the seller's original contract expires then it should be allowed. However this assumes they will be able search the history by IMEI and that the seller didn't default on his account or contract. In that case fido won't unlock it.

At the end of your contract fido will unlock your original 16GB unit for $50. That probably doesn't help you much.