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iPhone X

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

So I recently upgraded to the Iphone X and decided that it would be safer to get device protection. However, I did get Apple care. So is Apple care device protection for iphone? In the event of accidental damage, lost or stolen phone, will the device be repaired or replaced? I just need some clarification, as I only have 15 days to set up device protection after an upgrade. At least I think so...:) Is device protection and apple care one in the same?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi @Redonjè & welcome to the Community!


Here's what AppleCare+ covers:


  • Provides repair or replacement coverage, including both parts and labour, from Apple authorized technicians
  • Covers iPhone SE and above, iPhone battery and included earphones and accessories
  • Adds up to 2 incidents of accidental damage from handling ($39 for screen damages or $129 for other damages on any model of iPhone or $49 for each iPad replacement). Accidental damage from handling includes dents, cracked screens, spills, and liquid submersion affecting the functionality of the device
  • AppleCare+ can't be transferred to a different iPhone or iPad


Doesn't cover:


  • Cosmetic damage or damage that doesn't affect the functionality of the device
  • Lost / Stolen

Hope this helps. Smiley

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thanks for clearing that up. Appreciate it.