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iOS version 4.2.1 results in irratic 3G connection

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Fido technical support refuses to believe the problem could be with their network, so it's doubtful there will be any resolution soon.


A few weeks ago, I updated the iOS version to 4.2.1.  Around the same time, I noticed that if my 3G connection was idle for about 20 seconds are more (eg. viewing a web page then clicking on a link) it would hang and timeout.

I put a TELUS sim card into my phone and there is no problem.

I put my FIDO sim card into a friend's phone and there was also no problem.  So I assumed the problem was with my phone.

I had the phone replaced by Apple and the problem was resolved!  When I updated to version 4.2.1 (the new phone was 4.1) the problem came back.  I checked my friend's phone, and he was on the older 4.1 version also.

I again tried my SIM card and his phone and there was no problem, and his TELUS sim card in my phone is no problem.

It's as if the Fido/Rogers network has some kind of problem with the 4.2.1 software on the phone.  TELUS is just fine.

4.2.1 introduced battery saving features for the 3G connection, and I wonder if this is the problem.  Streaming radio is just fine, it's only when the connection has been idle and I try to re-establish it (eg. by loading a web page) that it times out.



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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello, yes in fact the issue isnt from Fido, i Had the same prob when i updated my firmware to ios4.2.1 it was too slow my collegue and frds with ios lower then 4.2.1 there connection was way better then mine ( sometimes it took me 1 min to load a page on Safari ). Now it has been fixed coz i Upgrade it to iOS 4.3 beta3. ( its only for developers ) so dont do it or your phone will be stuck in a DFU mode then u will have to buy a Dev access 99$.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1
It seems to be an issue with 4.2.1 that many people, worldwide and not just on the Fido/Rogers network are experiencing. There's a thread about it on the Apple website.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Mike !


Can you provide us with the link to that thread on apple's website ? I could not find anywhere stating that this problem is worldwide. All around me, friends with iphones on 4.2.1 with Telus or Bell do not have this problem.


Thank you !

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

my girlfriend and i both with iphone 4 and software 4.2.1 have been experiencing this 3g issue in the Brossard, QC area... anyone who calls me is directed to voicemail and all my text msg recived are being delayed. only way around this issue is to turn off my 3g and use the Edge signal.


Any one else getting this similar issue?? Any fix in the pipeline for this????

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
exactly the same problem. And I am in Brossard as well !!!