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don't know the lingo - but need info please

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

hello everyone, what i'm wondering is... i can use my yahoo messenger account on my laptop to message my cell - using my cell number. i get the text and can reply. all good.

now what i need to know is: what is the charge? i have a monthly unlimited text plan with 150 mins plus free eves and weekends. if it's a text then when i receive it it ought to be free (unlimited free) and when i reply it ought to be free (unlimited free). i don't have the dinternet hooked up on my cell - no data plan so how can it be applicable? am i making sense? 


also while i'm here - why do i have to keep deleting texts once i get to about 100? i use an LG Gossip. Is there any way to save these texts if i need to onto my computer? 


thanks everyone, 

Smiley jayn



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Hi there jayn,


Any fee associated to the yahoo service will be confirmed in the yahoo terms and conditions.


As for the question in regards to your texts, I can only assume you must clear the text inbox due to limited memory.


Should you connect your phone to a computer, you will see whether or not it is possible to transfer the contents of your messages.


let us know