blackberry through fido

blackberry through fido

blackberry through fido

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blackberry through fido


I am currently on a $35 plan ,I was wondering if I could get a Blackberry,on monthly installments from fido and  keep  the same plan I already have.As I am not aware of how all this stuff is done I am tryin my best to make my point clear to you.And also how much more will I be paying along with my plan ,If you could provide me with an estimate .Thank YOU Smiley




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Community Manager

Hey there saira,


In order to upgrade to a BlackBerry, you would need a minimum $25 voice plan plus a minimum $10 BlackBerry data add-on. This would be for the subsidized cost with a 3 year voice and data agreement.


You would be able to keep the same plan you have and simply add a BlackBerry add-on.


I would suggest contacting customer service by LiveChat for more information depending on your account status.


Hope this helps.