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Wrong Delivery address label

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have ordered online for a new phone and supposed to get it within a week. It has already been 2 weeks and I haven't received any email confirmation regarding the shipment of the device, no tracking number. Nothing and nothing from Fido.


I called the customer service. The lady told me that the phone was shipped. Because no one was at home, that's why the package was sent to a Purolator pick-up location. She gave me the address.


I went to Purolator to pick up the package. I found out that the address on the package was wrong. (the address on the label never existed in my file). So, I can not have my new phone because I don't have any proof of that address.


I called back the customer service. She called Purolator pick up location to have them released my package. They wouldn't do that because Fido has to send the address change to Purolator office. She told me that she will send to Purolator for the address changed.


I called Purolator pick up location  back 3 days. The info was not updated yet. I called Fido customer again, they told me to wait .... nothing they can do ....


I borrowed someone's phone to use with my SIM for 3 weeks already. When can I get my phone. I can not cancel my order and pick a new phoione. I can not do anything, Fido can not send me a replacement, etc. No one can help me .... How could it be. At the end of my call with Fido customer service. The lady told me if you want to have a new phone right away, go to Fido location and BUY a new one. How ridiculous.


What is the problem with Fido? My account has been hacked? Package was sent to an address that did not exist in my file.


Can someone from Fido to call me about the status. What alternate solution. For weeks, I don't have the phone.





Hi there @dtnguyen19 and welcome to the Community!


Sorry to read about your experience as we understand how it is important to stay connected and to receive your phone in a timely manner,


Please reach us out on either Facebook or Twitter in private so that we can access your account and assist you with your situation.


Alternately, we can also send you a PM here. Let us know how you would like to proceed!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

We can chat on Facebook