Windows Phone 7 - Well fido, where is it?!

Windows Phone 7 - Well fido, where is it?!

Windows Phone 7 - Well fido, where is it?!

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Windows Phone 7 - Well fido, where is it?!

iOS5 is no great leap, and the inconsistency with Android versions and devices for upgrade paths is horrid. 


I'd like to get a phone that does what I want it to - Windows Phone 7 does just that.


Your other half  (Rogers) carries one phone - Samsung Focus.


Do I really need to switch carriers?  



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I hope they get windows phone. Nokia Searay looks sexy...

I've been waiting for them to carry a windows phone since theyre the only provider that has international texting and i cant switch carriers. I just hope that i can get a better phone.
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I hope they get the Nokia Lumia 800 or 710 early next year, those are some sexy phones!!

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I am curious too. The selection of smartphones on Fido is horrible!!! I know it's a discount carrier but come on. This is worse than a discount. The 1 blackberry is **bleep**, the androids are horrible. I am sitting on a significant amount of fido dollars and can't use them on anything interesting. Not willing to go somewhere else and get a phone which I shouldn't have to since I have all these dollars to spend.  I just want to know if there is anything good coming for the Christmas season. Rogers is obviously trying to kill Fido off by not giving them any choice. And no iPhone is not a choice.

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Nah.  Just buy a used Focus(+/-$200), put your sim in, add the fido APN settings, and your all good.  Unlock it on ebay for 5 bux, and it will get rid of the roaming message...  

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Everything will work except SMS and MMS. Beleive me I own a Rogers Focus and have a FIDO phone# and not matter what, SMS and MMS will not work.