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Wifi Calling from Panama

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hey Guys,

I have a pixel 6 pro and my wifi calling works flawlessly when in Canada.  Now that I am in Panama I have issues with wifi calling. It doesn't seem to work with one of the ISP's and of course that's the only provider in my development.  If I first hotspot my Panama phone to my Fido phone then wifi calling works and then if I switch it over to my house ISP it will continue to work.  Is there any suggestions on what might be causing the issue....FYI-other Canadians wifi calling works with my wifi, but they are with a different Canadian company.   I have also tried this ISP's wifi at the mall and different places and it won't initiate the wifi calling. 



That's a true conundrum

@Community, any suggestions?