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Why BlackBerry? Why?!?!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello, all. I am new to the Fido forum and to Fido.


Now, the title has a good reason for being what it is...


I recently got my BlackBerry Curve 9360 (December 28th, 2011 recent). It was working quite well from the day I got it, but now it's acting like **bleep**. What do I mean? Well, first off, when I tried listening to music on the BlackBerry it worked great! I made it my all-rounder for music. But now, it would stall (freeze) and I would end up pulling the battery to reset it. What's more, when I get a text message or a BBM from friends, the phone would stall (freeze) or shutdown abruptly, without my consent. I would then have to pull the battery to reset the phone to render it useful. I've been pulling the battery ever since January 27th of this year and it is becoming a nusance for me. I don't know HOW it is that I was graced with a defective BlackBerry. No matter what I do, it won't stop stalling. I've become tired of the whole "pull your battery to do a hard reset" procedure. Note: The battery is fully charged when all of this happens.


I wish Fido would just give their customers a new BlackBerry when stuff like this happens. It's the least Fido can do (but they're doing quite well in other things). It's quite unfair for people who are new to Fido and BlackBerry. I have to send it in to RIM through Fido to get it repaired? From what I heard, it takes two weeks to do that (or maybe longer due to response time).


I like the Fido network and I've been pleased with them since I became part of it, but I am now thinking that maybe BlackBerries are not the best phones to use (on ANY network, probably). I'm in hell right now with the phone which isn't even 2 months old yet. So much for my plan to make it last 3 years or more...


If anyone else is experiencing this with BlackBerry Curve 9360, feel free to share your thoughts. If anyone has solutions, looking forward to hearing them.


Oh, I begin to wonder if OS7 is the reason for the phone acting up or if it is a battle between the processor + memory hardware. I'm just isolating possibilities.


This is ticklyturtle, signing off.



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hey ticklyturtle!

From what I know, we haven't had any major issues with the Blackberry devices and therefore, I am led to believe that the issue lies within your device itself.

Because you are outside of the satisfaction warranty from what you told me, the only way to have this looked into is to send your phone in for repair via the Repair and Loaner service. They will send your phone away for 5 to 10 business days and lend you another one in the meantime.

I understand the frustration that this situation can cause you and hope that your issue will get resolved fast.

@ Community: Does anyone have any other idea? Please feel free to share! Smiley