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Where is my phone?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I ordered the iPhone 11 upgrade 5 weeks ago. November 26th. I have not received any information regarding  it being shipped. I check all folders daily. My daugters birthday is in 3 days this was supposed to be her gift. If I go try and find the phone in store will I get the same deal that I got? I am so defeated. I did online chat once about 2-3 weeks ago and all they were able to tell me was shipping was delayed please be patient. I am patient but I am now just at a loss.


Hi @Jessy873 , sorry to hear that your device was delayed. We cannot access any accounts from here as we are a community forum of fido clients like you. What I would suggest is to send a dm to fidosolutions on Twitter and wait for the response to access your account. Once you send a message,  you can carry on with your day and Twitter will notify you of any messages. Then you can continue a conversation. That way you won't be sitting on the phone for long periods. See   HERE

for links to all the ways to contact. All the best for the New Year and I hope you get the information you need,  be safe