Vivaz Pro - Need Help!

Vivaz Pro - Need Help!

Vivaz Pro - Need Help!

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Vivaz Pro - Need Help!

I just upgraded from a T715 to Vivaz Pro  and I am having problems with a few things. I also want to note that I have an unlimited mobile browsing add-on.


  • My T715 had a flash light feature where it would use the camera's flash. Does the Vivaz Pro have this feature, and if so how would you enable it?
  • I cannot seem to connect to any Youtube videos with the default Youtube application. I am able to search and browse for videos, but when I try to login or watch any videos I keep on getting an error where it cannot connect to the videos. It seems to be a timeout error as I wait for ~30 sec before the error appear. I have also tried changing the connection for Youtube as I have the following 3 to choose from: Internet, Multimedia msg, and WAP services. It is currently set to Internet.
  • What is the difference between using a provider internet connection, WAP browsing, and Wi-fi? Would wi-fi be the fastest? Are there any limitations between each connection type?
  • Is there any way to modify the 5 tabs on the home screen? I do not use Twitter and so that tab is useless for me. Is there anyway for me to customize what goes on each tab?
  • Is there any way to increase the vibration level? When the phone is in my pocket and is vibrating, it is not very strong so it is hard for me to feel it.
  • The contacts on my Sim card are saved in the format LastName;FirstName (Willis;Bruce). This is the format all my previous phones (T715, K510) has used. All of my previous phones had no trouble interpreting each contact as so and was able to properly display my contacts First name and Last name on the phone. When I copy my SIM contacts over to the Vivaz Pro, the Vivaz Pro still interprets each contact as LastName;FirstName. I have even tried changing the option so that it would display the first name first followed by the last name. This did not work.



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I should add that according to their phones & services page, 3G is only used for GPS assist on the Vivaz.  Data is over the GMS net.  Another reason to just disable 3G...

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I think we need to debrand the phone to turn off 3G...why would they restrict that?
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I did the same.  There's no flashlight feature.  You can set the flash on for the camera and the light will come on if you hit the camera button.  Not full brightness, but a lot better than nothing.


Wi-fi is fastest as a rule.  It's also supposed to draw less power.  With the unlimited data package, anything but using your phone as a connection for your computer should be included.   "Use of data applications (i.e. Gmail, GoogleMaps) is also covered with these add-ons."  I don't know if I'd push it too hard... there is bittorrent app for Symbian OS...


What I'd like to know is how to turn OFF 3G.  It's only 30% faster or so for data, but it's a major power hog.   I know that there was a backdoor method since it's in the basic Sony Firmware, but Fido seems to have overridden that.

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Try this:




-Provider Selection --> switch to Manual

-Choose "Fido" (Not Fido 3g)


Hope that helps Smiley 


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Thanks for helping out Lotocoti!



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yah that doesn't work. the 3G icon is still there. I asked around and so far what i learned is that Fido has restricted the option to turn it off. I asked fido and they said it is a new phone and you should go talk to one is helping here.

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Actually, FIDO has modified the SonyEricsson firmware and hidden the settings to disable data.   Now, Sony cannot help you because their firmware is changed by FIDO and FIDO will not help you because they want to charge for the data!!!