Vivaz Pro Battery life

Vivaz Pro Battery life

Vivaz Pro Battery life

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Vivaz Pro Battery life



I've had my Vivaz Pro for about 2 weeks now I've had to run through about 6-8 charges already.


I definitely only charge the phone after the battery runs out, and I always charge to full.


Is this normal? The battery life has only lasted about on average 30 -36 hours on minimal usage!!! (i.e. couple minutes of talk time and 5 minutes browsing, send a few text messages).


I have an old sim M32.. does that have anything to do with it? My sim card is definitely not scratched up or anything since i've only used it on very few phones.



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I have an old ST32 sim in mine and it lasts 2 days between charges on light/moderate use. I consider this to be average considering its using a Mobile OS. It's only a 1200mAh battery, so I wouldn't expect too much out of it either. On average, I notice it runs ~100 background processes and other hidden tasks at any given time. So I would imagine that's definitely going to chew battery life regardless. On a Palm OS and Windows Mobile device, I constantly had to charge them on a daily basis. These devices lasted maybe 4-8 hours of constant usage before going dead.


It's not bothersome to me to have to charge on a daily basis as I'm already used to it with my previous and current PDAs in use. The Vivaz Pro hasn't replaced my current PDA yet, and is most likely not going to either. The Symbian OS is just not up to it.


Only other thing I did notice is there is a power drain overnight when phone is not in use. Even when the device is powered off (maybe 1-3% down from previous).


I have to wonder where SE came out with those 'unrealistic' specs. Maybe they just had a 'bare bones' phone without the OS when posting the specs.

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The battery life on this phone is on average 1 day with regular use even with full overnight charging.  Having to charge it each day is annoying.  I'm no seeing anywhere close to the 400 hour (16days) standby.  I don't know how SE came up with these numbers.


I went about my days texting, and wap browsing to look up quick info about products while shopping.  But most of the time, it lives in my pocket.  Wifi isn't used, and I don't even talk on it throughout the days I have it.


My conclusion - 1 day between charge on basic usage.

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Hi paktwong,


You should be getting roughly 3 days on light usage. Yes an old sim card can cause more stress that a newer series, especially on newer phones.


Leaving WiFi and Bluetooth turned on will also drain the battery. The first step I would recommend is to indeed get a newer sim card if it is dated. You can call in to order one or pick one up in any Fido store.

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i got a new sim card.... i don't think it's really lasting any longer... MAYBE 36-48 hours on light use. definitely not 3 days... i went to a fido booth and had it sent in and returned to me in approx 3 weeks back in Dec. Absolutely no improvements were seen!!!! argh.