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Unlock my device

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

bad service from FIdo and no way to converse with them as I have no phone.


I contacted one week ago to unlock my old Galaxy S6 phone with no resolve.

I called again 3 business days after asking for the master network code to unlock my phone.

I have spent over half a day talking with representatives with no luck.

they said they would contact me in 48 hours with a code as the one given over phone does not work.


I closed my original phone line due to breach of privacy.

I will noe close this line due to very poor customer service.

My phone is paid for not black listed and obtained from FIdo, they should be able to unlock my phone and I feel like I am being ignored.


I hope fido contact via the email or phone number provided...

I will not continually log into this forum - it did not help last time!





Hey @FiPerkins!


I'm sad to read about your experience there. We'll be happy to take a look at that here if you wish. Smiley


As we'll need to access your account, we'll need to send you a PM for that. We're not able to contact you via email or phone through the community though.


Let us know.