Switching from K5 to G6

Switching from K5 to G6

Switching from K5 to G6

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Switching from K5 to G6

Recently i upgraded to a G5, but after i had put the SIM from K4 to G5 it reset but now won't leave the "android is starting"  looped with the LG as though its going to start up but. Loops back



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Hello @Magma17,


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Can you confirm is it's the G5 or G6 that you are trying to use. Did you get the phone from Fido or is it an unlocked phone?


Does the phone boot with out the Fido SIM card? If it does do a factory reset and then put in the Fido SIM card and see if it works.


If it does work but your data is not working do another factor reset with the Fido SIM card in the phone.


Hey @Magma17, thanks for reaching out Wink


So the phone won't start at all?

Did you get a chance to try to use a different sim card to see if you can get a different result?