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Support for out of warranty smart phones.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Fido has emphatically stated that they do not provide support for the OS on their smart phones. Acer has been equally emphatic in stating thet they do not support out ow waranty phones. Where does one get support for an out of warranty Acer smart phone?




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Fido Employee
Fido Employee

Hey everyone!

Although this thread is quite old, I'd like to update it since I came across it. We are now offering a new service called TechXpert which will give you access to your own personal support expert for advanced technical issues related to connectivity, hardware, software and applications. This feature is included in some of our device protection bundle or can be added on your account at 8$ monthly. To have more details about this feature I invite you to click here.

Hope it helps!


Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hey Movak!

Fido offers support for the services we offer like calling, text messaging, data, etc. However, because we are not the ones who have created the software, we are unable to assist you with it.

Usually, Acer would be the place where you would get support. I am unsure as to why they cannot assist you, but as an alternative, you could also contact Google to see if they could answer your questions.

You can still post your questions in this forum. I am sure that if the other moderators or myself do not have the answer, a member of the Community can help you Smiley