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I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2



I am currently and have been for some time, a Fido customer.  My wife's phone plan is with Bell, and as her contract has expired and is currently on a monthly plan, I would like to upgrade her device with Fido.


So, can I add a second device/plan to my existing account/profile?


As well, can a new device/plan activation be delayed - meaning, buy it now and have it start at a later date, such as Christmas?


I appreciate the assistance.



@readytorock You can bring your wife's line over to Fido and enjoy the benifits you will also get a 10% second line discount and $50 referral credit after 90 days. Things to consider is you might need to do a credit check.


As for the activation I do not belive its can be delayed an activation gets done right away a Fido moderator can correct me if i'm wrong.

Hey there @readytorock


Awesome idea on bringing the wife over Smiley


What you can do is purchase the phone and SIM card and wait until Christmas to activate it. In this scenario, your wife's phone number would still be with Bell and there would be no service or bill associated to the phone (until you decide to activate it). This would also mean the phone is purchased full price, because no activation means no Tab24, which means no subsidy on the phone. 

To be honest, now that i think of it, you might as well just wait until Christmas and get the phone at discount price, transfer her line to your account and activate her new Fido plan all at once. It's probably simpler that way.


What do you think @KAPABLE-K?

@readytorock I agree with @FidoStephane if you want to activate the second line around Christmas I would wait because you are most likely to get better deals. I would also check to see what deals might pop-up for this black friday.

Hey guys,


Appreciate the comeback.  


As suggested, I think I'll wait till the end of the week and see if Black Friday brings with it any offerings.


Regarding the aforementioned 10% second line discount and $50 referral credit after 90 days, is this something that would be added automatically to my (existing) profile, or would it have to be requested (such as if I visited the local Fido kiosk in the local mall to get the second phone/plan)?


Thanks very much.

@readytorock the agent should do it automatically but I always like to reiterate it before starting the activation to make sure and always ask for the interaction number when done so if any issues arise you can quote that interaction number so the next person can find it faster.

@KAPABLE-K When I decide to buy the (second phone/plan) would it be possible to do it through a mod/rep here on the forum... to perhaps forego any complications which may arise when dealing with a local rep who may be rushed due to a backlog of (waiting) customers?


I apologize for the many questions.  However, with that said, I truly appreciate the help.



@readytorock sure you can do it here but honestly this is the slowest process because of the PM back and forth. You should not have any issues at a store or with customer service besides if you do the new activation it would be obvious to any Fido rep that you should get the two discounts mention above.


I would also look at the deals other third party companies have like BestBuy, Wirelesswave, Walmart just to name a few. Most times you get extra doing it through them. When I renewed two of my lines not only did I get the phones for free but I also got $300 in BestBuy gift cards.

@KAPABLE-K That sounds pretty sweet!

@readytorock Yep it was and I still have the gift cards nothing to spend it on as yet, I was hoping the Google home would come to Canada for the holidays and I can finally use up my gift cards.

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

@readytorock Which province do you live in?

@FidoStephen Quebec

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

@readytorock Your assumption is correct in that case! There is a 9-1-1 emergency monthly fee of $0.46 as well, so it would be $67.46 + tax.

@FidoStephen  Great! Not too shabby.

@FidoStephen  Appreciate the help you gave me the other day.  Any chance I could PM you to pick your brain about the second phone/plan on my account that I want to purchase for my wife.

Hey @readytorock


Let's check your upgrade options together.


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into. Talk to you soon Smiley


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

We can definitely help you out here @readytorock Smiley


We'll be ready when you are!

@FidoStephen  Excellent!  As I mentioned earlier, my wife is currently with Bell (contract is complete... now monthly).  I would like to get her the iPhone 7 Plus which shows as $549 on a 2 year Plus20Plan at $67/mth. Am I correct in assuming that the $67/mth + tax would be the (actual) plan cost?