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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've been having an issue since my wife was ported over from Fido to Koodo. She has not been able to send SMS messages to Rogers clients. We been talking to tech support on both sides and both keeps saying it's on the other servers issue. The Koodo tech support has mentioned that the issue was that SMS prime had blocked my wife's phone number for spamming issue. (Sending 50 texts a day) I can definitely say that she has never done this. So far, for over 2 weeks, nothing has been resolved. Any suggestions?


Hu @Scottyvp , I am hazarding a guess that someone spoofed your wife's number to send scam texts. It doesn't mean they were sent from her phone, it means someone spoofed her number to send put scams. I am also guessing that so many were sent that unfortunately your wife's number got blocked by Rogers servers. You might want to reach out to both fido and Rogers tech support and request the block be lifted. I get scam calls quite frequently on a number that spoofs our local hospital. That is very difficult for the hospital if everyone here blocks their number. As I said, just a guess but more likely than not accurate.