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Registered phone on Samsung account is different from my actual phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Just got a new S23 from Fido. When I logged into my Samsung account on this phone, I got an automatic email from Samsung thanking me for registering. The email contains the serial number and model number of the phone.

When I googled the model number, I get search results for the lilac colour version of the phone, but I have the black one.


This feels a little bit shady, but I'm not sure how worried I should be about it? I contacted Samsung and they said the serial number checks out but they can't give me a straight answer why it's registered as lilac.


Any insights into why it's registering as a different colour would be appreciated. Or maybe I'm worrying too much? thank you!



Hello @fido240304,


Welcome to the community!


Each color does not have its own model number, the model number for the phone remains the same no matter the color. There is nothing shady about it you are fine.

Hi there @fido240304 I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about as long as the sn and imei match. That's the important information for warranty. As for the colour, I'm not sure why it says lilac when clearly it's not. I could be an error in color coding at samsung. As long as you keep all your documents for any warranty service you should be golden. Great day!