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Refilling on My iPhone 4

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello fido community, could I have some help with my problem? I go by a 50 cent a day for unlimited SMS and 30 cents a minute pay as you go "plan". I always refill my account by buying a voucher from my local drug store, and redeeming it on here. Recently I purchased two 10$ voucher's and for some reason I can redeem neither of them. I get the message: "The voucher refill amount you have entered is not compatible with your plan. Please enter another voucher refill amount or change your plan." I have always in my 2 years of fido used these voucher codes, and I don't understand why im no longer permitted to do so. I have not changed my plan in 7 months, so it is not something to do with changing my plan. Could anybody help me? The nearest fido store I can go to is quite the distance, I would prefer not to waste my time. Thanks.



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Hi there David S, 


I'm sorry to learn of your difficulties, however I will need to refer you to our Solution Center for a proper analysis of your situation.