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Really disappointed with fraud management services

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

To Fido Management: Kindly take Attention to my post. 


I have became a victim of a fraud issue with my fido account. 


In December 2022, somebody made a suspicious payment of 840cad on my fido account. When I found that activity, I had called fido and have them checked. The person who suspiciously paid 840cad asked for a refund just after 2-3 days of payment. Fido people confirmed with us if we wanna refund that back to the same credit card from which it was paid initially. We agreed as we wanted to finish that chapter. They started processing refund and my account balance was normalized as regular. Previously it was -698cad something and then settled with 0.


So we thought, Everything was settled from both ends.


Now, in March 2023, a few days ago, those fraud people requested for a refund again. Due to that, fido believed that refund that they processed earlier in Dec 2022 didn't go through and hence they started refund process again. And simultaneously, they changed my account due balance as 840cad again. 


I DON'T understand why!! Why my account started showing as due balance as 840cad.


First thing first, someone paid 840cad, they started refund, if it didn't go through then cross verify with them or bank or credit card company and process a refund. Why there was any need to change the due balance and asking us to pay??. Why we would have to pay for none of our fault.


This is very disappointing, and it is wasting my time energy and mental stability since last few days.


So far we talked with multiple representatives, explaining same thing again and again. One of the representatives finally understood our issue and had created a case in fraud department fido and now they are not even doing any such progress. We have got case number and a dedicated person assigned to this issue. That lady is not even picking up calls.


Number: 1-888-381-8076 ext 8775


Case: C185738771


At this point I feel like I am done with fido and Don't want to continue service if this does not resolved properly. I just request to kindly look into this.


Yesterday they even suspended my account, I wasn't even able to make phone calls as the number got blocked. With the help of app chat I got it fixed but then again they warned it will disconnect after 10days. It's frustrating. 


Today I became victim, some day somebody else can be. Please do needful to your customers and community. 


Hope for the best. Thank you.



Hello @yamini94  and welcome to the Community.

This is definitely not the experience we want for our customers. In order to get this resolved, it will be important to get in contact with our customer service. We also want to keep you as our customer and get this resolved.

You can find the ways to reach us here.