Re: Problems with incoming/outgoing txt msgs!!

Re: Problems with incoming/outgoing txt msgs!!

Re: Problems with incoming/outgoing txt msgs!!

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Re: Problems with incoming/outgoing txt msgs!!

My son's phone is sending duplicate messages numerous times. His friends are giving him grief because they think he's sending them the same text many times. Is this his phone, do you think, or the text messaging service or maybe even his friends problem?



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What is the phone model & brand you son using? You got to at least post that information for someone trying to help you.. 

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Sorry...I knew that Sad


The phone is an LG GB250g.  He's only had it a year and a half and it's already been in for repair once already.   This text messaging problem is intermittent, so I think it might be the phone.  He's removed the battery and the SIM card numerous times and it seems to help for a little while, but the problem persists.


He doesn't want to do a master reset because of the ringtones he has paid for.  Am I correct in thinking if he does a master reset he'll lose everything on the phone?  I don't think he's able to copy the ringtones to his SD card, either.  I know I tried to do that on my phone and couldn't.

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intermittent sms are really difficult to dont know whether its the phone or the software or the sim card.


Am I correct in assuming your son is using the sim card that came with the phone ? <--- if he is using a sim card that did not come with the phone, then i suggest a swap to that new sim card...however...back up all your old sim card contacts first...


Secondly...does your son perform a cleanup of the sms inbox / outbox...


Third...master reset will usually erase everything...even the preconfigured Fido only want to use that as a last resort.  There should be a option called RESET wont delete anything saved on the phone memory ( ringotnes, contacts , etc.....) should try to call up LG Mobile customer support and see if they have an application that will allow your son to backup all his important phone data before attempting MASTER RESET.....


Let us know !

Thanks for the input, SB...


Yes, it is the SIM card that came with his phone and like I stated before, it's only a year and a half old.  I know he deletes his texts after he sends and receives them...he doesn't let them pile up at all.


It's the oddest thing because it's not an all the time thing.  It's got us both frustrated and

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My optimal solution would be to contact fido and speak with tech support...explain the situation support may be able to provide more info as to whether it is network related or not...


Second, I would have your son get his friends to call up their network could be on the receivers end


The more people that call up the quicker the issue gets escalated....


Good luck !


One more..question...does the issue occur if he sends a sms to himself....