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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hello Fido,


Why is there is a difference in pricing for the same handsets ?


eg. If I were to buy a Nexus 4 through Fido on a 2 year contract with the $ 39 plan it would cost me $ 50


If I go to Bestbuy and buy the same phone, same plan through Fido they offer the phone at no charge.


Same is the case with Samsung S3 !!!!


Why does Fido not honor the best price guarentee ?


another example :-  I purchase a room night for XYZ Hotel on expedia for $ 100. Later I find that travelocity is offering me the same room  for same date for $ 80.00. I call Expedia who verifies it, matches it and provides an additional 10% discount.


Pricing should be consistent across various channels. Every single major electronic brand matches the prices of the product sold at a competitor's website.


Usually if you buy directly through the company they offer the best price guarentee. But in Fido's case its completely opposite. Buy it from other distribution networks like BestBuy n Futureshop to get a better deal.


Thats a shame !!!!!!!


Fido is no special company to have an exemption to this !!!  






I'm experienced level 3
I'm experienced level 3
This is a common misconception across all carriers and is no different than car dealers. Fido's price is the same across the board...but individual dealers are free to also offer their own promotions to sweeten the deal. For example, sometimes if you buy a phone at the Mobile Shop in Superstores they give you a $50 gift card. Sometimes FutureShop does similar. Some dealers like WirelessWave offer their own deals. Some dealers can even offer bill credits for activations. All of these extra deals actually have nothing to do with Fido itself, it's up to the dealers.

So, just like car or computer shopping, go look for the best offer out there! Smiley