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PLEASE support my Apple Watch

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I know this is a question that pops up like an irritating pimple on your nose almost like clockwork every 2 months but I'm going to ask it again, when s Fido going to take the leap and lead the Cell phone Flanker industry by being the very first flanker brand to support the Apple Watch? As the Apple Watch continues to evolve with life saving options such as fall protection, heart palpitation detection etc, it continues to gain popularity with people like myself that have health concerns which make having this or other styles of smart watches a life saving idea. I am a brand new customer to Fido (from another company), and in my conversations with both an online chat Fido rep and on the phone with a Fido rep, I would have my Apple Watch supported by Fido. Funny thing is both reps were being a little sneaky when I now find out they meant thru Bluetooth/Wifi and not the actual Apple Watch Cellular SIM card option. I was told "we are sorry for the confusion but if you wish we could turn you over to our parent company Rogers and have you start a plan with them". I'm already paying more because I came from your other flanker brand to have my Apple Watch with cellular supported and there's no way I'm going to joint yet another company. Si in short ... BE INNOVATIVE, BE A LEADER and support smart watches (especially Apple Watch), with cellular SIM Cards. Thank you. 



Hello @1heckofachef,


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The answer still remains the same if or when Fido supports the Apply watch via cellular connection it will be announced on the website.


You have to understand if you want the latest and the greatest you will need to go with the bigger company that provides that but it comes at a cost. 


Flanker brands exist for customers that just want a low rate cellular connection Talk, Text, and Data if Fido is to add all the features as the parent company today then the prices will be higher and there will be no reason for flanker brands to exist.