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Not receiving calls from specific number any more

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

summary: my Fido phone has stopped receiving voice calls for a specific family member whom I have not blocked. How do I fix?

I have an iPhone se (2nd gen). Have been in Fido for about a year and I have been able to receive calls from all numbers that I have not specifically blocked. I recently went abroad and changed sim to have a local European number. I returned last week and reinstalled my Fido SIM card. All has been working well and I receive calls from a wide array of contacts but for one.  This family member calls me and it just rings without stop. It does not ring on my phone and it does not go into my Fido voicemail. 

i have triple checked and while I have many spam numbers that are blocked on my device, this family member's number is not on the list. 

any ideas as to what is going on?


thank you. 



Hello @Janddy,


Fido does not block any calls, are you able to call this person? Maybe the problem is with the other party and not you?