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New SIM triggers Galaxy S8 factory reset and ERASES EVERYTHING!

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Heads up!


I got a new phone, Samsung Galaxy S8 SMG950W, and spent hours configuring it. There's another issue that one is evidently not allowed to mention on this board, which doesn't work as one might expect -- be wary if you want to configure your phone properly, the normal Android way for power users. In spite of many tutorials claiming it works, there are different processors, and Fido ships the cheap one, and it's broken.


Anyway, after getting it all configured over wifi, I put in the new SIM and the phone ever so helpfully and for maximum security... did a hard reset.


Erased itself entirely.


Be warned!


Don't ever swap SIM cards on this phone, unless you intend to start from scratch.




I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

''lock'' you mean my phone now is lock just for fido ? I bought this phone factory unlocked from smasung

Hi @igorcassimiro,


Samsung Canada does not sell factory unlocked phones they all lock to the first sim inserted. 


Usually they provide the unlock code so you can unlock the phone if they did not contact them and they should provide the unlock code so you can unlock the phone.


As far as I am aware only the international version actually comes factory unlocked.

Hi @igorcassimiro & welcome to the Community!


Are you currently able to use a non-Fido SIM card in your phone?


Hello @tarverator,


The reason it did a reset is because Samsung phones locks itself to the first SIM that is inserted into the phone. 


When the first SIM is inserted the phone will reset and lock itself to that network and load all the provider apps and settings.


All Canadian Samsung phones are the same no matter which provider you get it from so saying Fido ships the phone with the cheapest processor is not fair because they do not manufacture the phones, Samsung does.