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New Moto x phone trouble recieving text msgs

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Has anyone had this problem before?  The whole day yesterday I was having issues receiving txts from friends ( I didn't go out of the network area).  I didn't use apps or anything to send the txt.  I have done some google search, it could be the media txt msgs I have sent out / recieved which included some pictures, that screwed up the txt msgs application.


Has anyone ever encountered this issue?  Thanks!



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi bleuettr,


Are you still experiencing this issue?


It's very hard to say what may have caused this. Perhaps there was an issue preventing you from receiving texts, and if so, they would retry 15 minutes after the original attempt, and then 30 mintues, then 1 hour, and so on. 


If this happens again, I'd suggest contacting us to ensure everything in your account is up to date.