My s6 edge didn't get the wifi calling update nor did it get the recent 7.0

My s6 edge didn't get the wifi calling update nor did it get the recent 7.0

My s6 edge didn't get the wifi calling update nor did it get the recent 7.0

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My s6 edge didn't get the wifi calling update nor did it get the recent 7.0

I have a Samsung S6 and cannot update my Android 7.0 through the fido system.  I have beent to 2 Fido stores and called Fido Contact Support three times and no one is able to shed light on what is going on.  I went to the Samsung store and they told me I was the third Fido customer in that day on the same issue.


I received many Fido text messages and emails about how I need to update my Android software in order to access the LTE network and make 911 calls.  I want to be clear, there is nothing I can do to update the software.  My phone tells me I am running the latest version of updates.  Which means, Fido, you have not given me the abilityt to reach the 7.0 update correctly.


What do you suggest I do at this point, besides moving to a different telephone company? 



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You know, my mother in law's Fido S6 phone (unlocked the day she got it) was updated to 7.0 recently and she was able to access LTE network just fine.  She purchased her phone via a Fido retailer.  How do I know? If her phone doesn't work as intended I will get phone calls at 4 in the morning asking for codes on how to unlock her phone before the security software has locked it.


Chances is that your phone might not have been purchased from Fido, or you have disabled auto update.  The ability to update your phone has nothing to do with whether your phone is locked or unlocked. My phone is unlocked the day I brought it and I still receive firmware updates and security patches.  Fido is not to blame on that one.


You can try updating your phone via the computer instead of waiting for OTA update. I am not sure how Samsung does it now. With the S5, you can download software from the website and update your phone that way.

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Good morning,


Maybe I wasn’t clear enough on my previous messages but I bought legally the phone from FIDO and unlocked/paid it with FIDO directly. I did all the updates on time.

I’m not blaming nobody I was just trying to find a solution so I can use the phone and the plan that I pay monthly on time.


Thank you for your time and advises!


Have a great day!


Hey @garfield24!


Can you confirm if it's a Fido purchased device?

As @KAPABLE-K mentioned, if it's not then you can contact Samsung directly for the update to 7.0.


Keep us posted! 

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I have the same problem and I bought the phone from FIDO and got it unlocked with FIDO. The Android version is 7.0 Cant access the LTE network anymore.

Please advise.


Hello @Dantes13,


Can you confirm your APN settings to make sure nothing has changed, you can get the required Fido APN settings here.


If the APN is correct you can try doing a network reset before doing a full factory reset.

To do a network rest go to Settings->Backup and reset->Network settings reset.

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Good morning,


Thank you very much for your answers. I tried and rest the network and I also checked the settings. Everything looks OK. I didnt factory reset by lack of time.

Will wait ( maybe the next sofware update will fix the problem ) or probably change the phone/carrier.

Have a great day!!!

Hey @Dantes13!


Have you tried a factory reset? 


Let me know if that works for you Smiley 


Hello @garfield24,


Welcome to the community!


Did you purchase your phone from Fido? 

Have you tried doing a factory reset and see if you will get the update after?

When you took it to the Samsung store why didn't they update the software for you? They would have access to it.



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It seems Fido/Rogers built this patch they just released without considering their customers who have unlocked phones.  I'm on the phone with Technical to understand what they are going to do about this, considering legislation is about to go live where no telephone carrier may lock a phone when sold.  This should not be my problem but shows the technical teams did not consider this use case when building their patch.

@garfield24 if you did not get the phone from Fido then that would be the reason you did not get the update. The CRTC ruling about unlocked phones have nothing to do with updates or support. 


Phone providers can not provide support for phones that was not purchased from them, if you phone was from a different provider you will need to check with that provider.